Watch Linda Niccol's Poppy at festivals online

Posted Tuesday 12 Oct 2021

Watch Linda Niccol's Poppy at festivals online

Linda Niccol has shared some links to international festivals screening Poppy, the film she wrote and directed and which was released earlier this year. 

Produced by Robin Laing and Alex Cole-Baker, Poppy is the story of a young woman with Down syndrome who refuses to be defined by disability and takes control of her own life. Poppy's ambition to become a motor mechanic – starting with the apprenticeship promised by her late father – is stalled by her protective brother who has reluctantly inherited the family workshop/garage business. And it’s not until she teams up with an ex-school friend who needs his car fixed in time to enter the local burnout competition, that her plans progress.

The La Femme will screen the film between 14-17 October, and Poppy is available to watch during Belfast's Cinemagic between 29 October and 4 November.

Click the links below, then find and click the Poppy poster in each programme.

Belfast Cinemagic 

LA Femme festival