WIFTers benefit from NZFC funding

Posted Tuesday 12 Oct 2021

WIFTers benefit from NZFC funding

Here's a shoutout to WIFTers who are receiving NZFC funding for their projects. The Letting Go, produced by Nadia Maxwell and Joika, co-produced by Belindalee Hope both receive production funding, while feature film Balance of the Five Elements, written by Marilyn McFadyen, receives funding from the Screen Production Recovery fund.

Here's a bit about their projects:

The Letting Go
Tess must connect with and counsel her daughter Eva who faces an uncertain future due to a degenerative disease affecting half of the world’s teenagers.

Joy Womack, a fifteen-year-old American ballerina from Texas moves to Moscow and pushes herself to her absolute limits in her pursuit of becoming a Prima Ballerina.

Meanwhile, these films receive funding from the Feature Film Finishing Fund, which supports independent filmmakers with post production costs to allow a cinema release:

A Mild Touch Of Cancer produced, written and directed by Annie Goldson, Juliet Gerrard: Science in Dark Times, produced, directed and written by Shirley Horrocks, Mark Hunt: The Fight of his Life produced by Bettina Hollings, Ayukawa: The Weight of Life co-produced by Sue Thompson, Rohe Kōreporepo: The Swamp, the Sacred Place produced by Kathleen Gallagher and co-written/co-directed by Kate Goodwin.