WIFTers share their words of wisdom

Posted Monday 25 Oct 2021

WIFTers share their words of wisdom

Seven emerging filmmaker WIFTers feature in this 2021 series of Screentalk interviews from NZ OnScreen. Watch and listen - each interview is about 10 minutes long.

Matasila Freshwater: on avoiding earnestness, and going underwater in the Solomon Islands.

Craig Gainsborough: on producing, and taking responsibility.

Sophie Henderson: on blurring the line between comedy and drama.

Hweiling Ow: the uncensored brain of a filmmaker.

Yamin Tun: on being a filmmaker, which is expensive, rather than, say, a poet, which is not.

Claire van Beek: on exploring the female psyche on-screen.

Cian Elyse White: on storytelling that centres wāhine Māori.