Be re-inspired by international 'disruptor' Anna Serner

Posted Tuesday 28 Sep 2021

Be re-inspired by international 'disruptor' Anna Serner

Anna Serner has been hugely influential in her radical work towards gender equality in the screen industry, notably for her trailblazing initiative “50:50 by 2020”.

Serner is stepping down as CEO from the Swedish Film Institute after 10 years, a decision which, reports, creates a lot of mixed emotions. However she’s certain that now is the right time to hand over the reins as the film industry begins to navigate its way through uncharted waters. 

The news that Serner is stepping down reminded us of her inspiring keynote speech at the 2018 Big Screen Symposium in Auckland. Listen again and be re-inspired by this electrifying talk, in which she provokes us to think differently about gender equality, and lays out her step-by-step plan to achieve it. 

Serner’s efforts have created a ripple effect in the film industry, inspiring other countries and companies to check their gender parity status. 

In this interview with, Serner reflects on her tenure and why small steps forward can equate to big change. 

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