Countdown to deadline for RNZ commissions

Posted Tuesday 14 Sep 2021

Countdown to deadline for RNZ commissions

Yes, the deadline is fast approaching for those planning to approach Radio New Zealand as their primary platform for the NZ On Air General Audiences funding round. RNZ says it is open to short pitches for scripted/comedy/drama online video or podcast series. RNZ is looking for social-first pitches for New Zealanders aged 18-25 who are keen on entertaining, innovative and fun content that's made by and for them.

All 1-3 page pitches in .PDF format should be sent to by 9am, Monday, 20 September and must be accompanied by a cover sheet in .docx format. No more than two pitches per Production Team.

Secondary Platform Support

For those productions who are already talking to or have secured primary platform support other than RNZ, but are interested in RNZ as a secondary platform, please express your interest by 9am, Monday, 27 September via