Method's Sam Ramlu: The inclusion illusion

Posted Tuesday 14 Sep 2021

Method's Sam Ramlu: The inclusion illusion

How can you convince majority groups to shift their thinking when the world has catered to them for so long? In a recent blog for, Sam Ramlu, owner of creative technology studio Method, thinks the answer is simple: by making them a bit uncomfortable.

...It’s easy to dismiss the concerns of minorities when you aren’t one. If you haven’t been exposed to anything else in your life it can be hard to seek information on how to create better practises.

Even I, in a leadership role, still exist in my own bubble. It can be easy to become complacent in your own environment.

You have to make a conscious effort to look for information, and you have to widen your network. If you’re not connecting with more people, how can you begin to understand what diversity really is?

Those influential within the creative space need to be encouraged to start changing their viewpoint. And getting unfamiliar and uncomfortable with a situation is the quickest way to realise growth

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