What your production needs to keep running smoothly

Posted Tuesday 31 Aug 2021

What your production needs to keep running smoothly

Because it’s so important to have good health and safety procedures in place these days, we thought we’d do a quick shout-out to WIFT NZ member Louise Spraggon, a qualified NZ Screen Health & Safety officer. Louise helps enable all those working in Aotearoa's creative fields to feel confident and informed on how best to keep people physically and mentally safe, and their productions running smoothly.

Every production is unique so will have a variety of different health and safety requirements. Louise can advise on the implementation of 'ScreenSafe COVID 19 Health and Safety Protocols', alongside the wider Health and Safety documentation, on- and off-set safety requirements, safety documents (JSA) and practical implementation.
Contact Louise@scenemajik.co.nz.

Louise holds the following qualifications:

  • NZ Diploma Health & Safety
  • UK COVID-19 Supervisor/large event certification
  • Psychological/Mental 1st Aid training
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care(PHEC)
  • Screensafe/ SWAG Professional Respect Training

Louise is also the latest star of our Instagram series highlighting different screen industry roles for women – that’s her in the image above!