Give these WIFTers a Boost for Bottle Money!

Posted Tuesday 26 Apr 2022

Give these WIFTers a Boost for Bottle Money!

Rebekah Tyler is a recent graduate of The Directors’ Programme, and has been developing Bottle Money, a short film she wrote and will direct this July. The film is about "the fragility of the broken mother-to-child connection, and the insidious nature of addiction", Rebekah says. As 16-year-old Nelson protects his siblings from the chaos of their unstable mum, he must decide: how much longer can he stand to love her?  

Rebekah, and fellow WIFT members producer Madison Smith, and actor Romy Hooper, are crowdfunding through a Boosted campaign to raise money for production costs during the shoot, including paying (and feeding!) the cast and crew. Donations will also pay for the post production, like editing, sound edit and colour grading.

The script is polished, the locations are ready. Your support is needed!

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