Nude Tuesday trailer bares all!

Posted Tuesday 26 Apr 2022

Nude Tuesday trailer bares all!

The trailer for Nude Tuesday, the unique Kiwi comedy shot entirely in gibberish, has been released for all to see! From writer Jackie van Beek, writer/director Armağan Ballantyne, and producer Emma Slade, Nude Tuesday uses subtitles added by British comedian Julia Davis, to translate the made-up language. 

The film follows a conservative middle-aged couple, played by Jackie van Beek and Damon Herriman, who are on a mission to save a failing marriage. They head to a new-age retreat on a fictitious island where the charismatic, oversexed guru (played by Jemaine Clement) encourages them in in sexual liberation and — on at least one day of the week — extreme nudity. 

Click here for the trailer 

Image courtesy Kerry Brown