Pan-Asian artists at the top of their game

Posted Monday 25 Apr 2022

Pan-Asian artists at the top of their game

Check out the fabulous work by producer Arani Cuthbert released yesterday on RNZ. ASIA: Art Stories in Aotearoa profiles 18 diverse Asian-origin New Zealand artists across Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Multimedia and Design and explores how life in Aotearoa New Zealand informs their work and sense of cultural identity.

By weaving together personal stories and artistic practices with different pan-Asian cultural views, the series showcases how our nation’s cultural landscape is shifting and how the arts can help us have broader, more inclusive conversations that builds bridges of understanding instead of walls of (in)difference.

It includes interdisciplinary artist Yuki Kihara (Venice Biennale 2022) to Graffiti Artist BERST (aka Dr Bobby Hung), K-Pop Choreographer Rina Chae, and Silo Theatre's newly appointed Programme Manager Ahi Karunaharan.

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Image: Multimedia artist Claudia Kogachi, who is featured in ASIA: Art Stories in Aotearoa