WIFTI: Global solidarity and sisterhood more important than ever

Posted Tuesday 12 Apr 2022

WIFTI: Global solidarity and sisterhood more important than ever

We're so lucky to live in a relatively peaceful country, a fact highlighted by the war in the Ukraine. 

Take a few minutes to read a letter from Russian film critic Maria Kuvshinova, shared with us by our sisters at WIFTI in their latest newsletter. 

Maria writes about how the most powerful, creative and organised anti-war movement in Russia is a Feminist Anti-War Resistance which emerged on Feb 25, the day after Russia invaded the Ukraine.

"Hi from nowhere, my name is Maria Kuvshinova, before Feb 24 I used to be a Russian film critic and a cofounder of a feminist cinema web site which is now frozen or even closed (I really don’t know). I see no use (and no right) in covering Russian cinema after the horror of Bucha, Mariupol and many other cities of Ukraine. One of my Ukranian friends wrote on Facebook, that Russian culture has a moral obligation to be silent for at least 10 years only reflecting its imperial essence and exploring of the roots of evil manifested by the Russian army in Ukraine (and before Ukraine in Chechnya, Georgia and many other places of the former empire). I agree with him."

Click here to read Maria's full letter

Last month we shared a passionate letter from WIFT member, Ukrainian Valeriya Golovina, who spent several years living and working in New Zealand and is now back in her homeland. Click here to read Valeriya's update.

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Image: Maria Kuvshinova