Get inspired with VFX

Posted Thursday 18 Aug 2022

Get inspired with VFX

Jump online for this DEGANZ professional development workshop on VFX.

WIFT NZ member Sharon Lark, an independent VFX producer and consultant, and Stan Alley, a VFX supervisor, will shed light on the power of VFX and how it can open doors to new story possibilities. They will also share advice for directors on how and when to work with VFX houses for low to mid-range NZ budgets. 

Having worked for 20 years as an independent VFX Producer in the UK on films such as Prince of PersiaTomb RaiderChronicles of Narnia and Casino Royale, Sharon returned nine years ago to NZ. Her local work includes the award-winning Children's TV series Thunderbirds Are Go and Aus-NZ co-pro Cleverman.

Sharon is also a VFX Consultant, matching projects and budgets to VFX Facilities & Post Houses on projects such as The Luminaries, Mr Corman, and films I am Woman and Invisible Man

The workshop will also cover:

How VFX can serve your story; the key directorial-VFX relationships; what conversations you need to be having with a VFX house, and when; local examples.

You are welcome to bring along specific questions about a project.

DEGANZ members – Free  /  Non-members – $11.50

When: 7pm - 8:45pm, Wednesday 7 September

Where: On Zoom

Click here to register for the Zoom link