Introducing Kōpere Ake - series development funding for screenwriters!

Posted Tuesday 23 Aug 2022

Introducing Kōpere Ake - series development funding for screenwriters!
Tomorrow the New Zealand Writers Guild will announce details on a funding initiative designed to break through the barriers faced by Aotearoa screenwriters - namely, insufficient time to craft and write material at the level of quality required to compete against international content.
Called Kōpere Ake, this initiative will create pathways to help develop screenwriters and their stories, using the simple international formula: time + money + support.

NZWG in partnership with NZ on Air, has developed Kōpere Ake as a pilot programme that will enable Aotearoa screenwriters to create high quality world-class scripted proposals. Giving screenwriters and their writing partners an opportunity to create an environment to take risks and expand on their skills in the development of high-quality stories for screen.

​Premium scripted content development requires time and tailor-made support – one size, does not fit all.

​Grants are for writers only and provide development funding for quality, premium series proposals and pilot script development.

Grant dates and details will be announced Thursday 25 August at this link