Kiwi VR game up against big guns for top award

Posted Tuesday 09 Aug 2022

Kiwi VR game up against big guns for top award

Virtual Reality time-travel adventure game Wanderer is a finalist for the VR Awards 2022 – VR Game of the Year, and Wanderer co-director and WIFT NZ member Sam Ramlu couldn't be more pleased. She says the game is in competition with some big guns including Resident Evil, the hugely successful survival-horror franchise.

The announcement comes on the back Wanderer's recent Excellence in Visual Art Award at the New Zealand Game Awards, and news that Ramlu's VR company M Theory, which makes Wanderer, has joined forces with fellow Kiwi VR company Oddboy. The pair, which had already partnered up to create Wanderer in 2016, will now form one bigger company called Mighty Eyes. 

Ramlu and her MTheory co-directors Eugene Eastlake, Ben Markby and Adrian Blok have been working with VR since its modern inception. Wanderer was a dream realised when the team partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2019. They have a shared vision to create a studio at the forefront of VR, taking people on their greatest and most immersive adventures.

Mighty Eyes will continue working on its inaugural title Wanderer - with more news to come later in the year.