Story Camp applications close at 11:59 tonight!

Posted Monday 08 Aug 2022

Story Camp applications close at 11:59 tonight!

We thought we'd remind you, just in case you're still wondering whether to hit 'send' on your application!

Applications for feature film projects in both Development and Advanced Development will be accepted.

The submission requirements are different for the two stages.

Advanced Development
 means the film is nearly production-ready: the script is well-developed, there is a writer, director and producer attached, there is a realistic plan in place for financing your film, and you are very close to market-ready or already have market partners attached.

Apply for Projects In  Advanced Development

If you are not at this stage, then you are in Development. If you are a writer without other team members attached, you are eligible to apply under Development.

Apply for Projects In Development

Story Camp Aotearoa is a residential feature film lab that fosters craft, voice and vision. Eight selected screenwriters or creative teams workshop their projects with exceptional international and local advisors in a rigorous five-day experience designed specifically to meet the development needs of their feature film project. 

Story sessions between advisors and participants form the backbone of the week. As the programme is tailored to each project, the process can also include project-based group workshops; workshopping with actors;  strengthening and clarifying the director's vision, and making good decisions together under pressure. 

Click here for Story Camp requirements