VIDEO SLOT: Scratched: Heath Davis

Posted Monday 08 Aug 2022

VIDEO SLOT: Scratched: Heath Davis

Former New Zealand Test player Davis becomes the country’s first male international cricketer to publicly speak about being gay in this documentary produced by Hex Work Productions.

Three decades after his Test debut, Davis, now 50, publicly reveals his sexuality for the first time, in this episode of the documentary series Scratched: Aotearoa’s Lost Sporting Legends, available now on The Spinoff.

Scratched: Heath Davis is directed by Madeleine Chapman, produced by Natalie Wilson, post-produced by Jin Fellett. The Scratched series is produced by Amber Easby.

Away from the public eye since his retirement from first class cricket in 2004, Davis shares the truth behind his career, his infamous antics and the lonely life of the first gay Black Cap.

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