Announcing the Seed and Seed Advanced Round Two 2022 recipients

Posted Sunday 11 Dec 2022

Announcing the Seed and Seed Advanced Round Two 2022 recipients

WIFT NZ members are among the newest bunch of Seedlings to receive grants for their draft feature film scripts.

Anna Duckworth and Michele Powles' Seed grant is for Put a Baby in Me
Clucky as f*@k and crushed when she miscarries, a young woman's fight to have kids with her trans wife almost burns down the family she already has.

Daisy Lawless' Seed grant is for Morag
Frumpy spinster, Morag, has menopause, she also has gained the power of uncontrollable invisibility. To reclaim her visibility she must commit acts of heinous violence against those who disrespect her.

Robyn Paterson's Seed Advanced grant is for Birdwatching
A preacher's kid from Zimbabwe on the verge of teenage-hood arrives in Dunedin, where adapting to a new culture and her emerging sexuality threatens her relationship with her father.

Seed is one of the most competitive writer-only grants for this in New Zealand, administered by the New Zealand Writers Guild (NZWG).  

The NZWG said top applicants in this round demonstrated an ability to present the idea and voice of their story through the crafting of their treatments and script pages. Many of the top applications had entered the same project previously, and showed growth, development and perseverance in their works.

This round received 110 Seed and 17 Seed Advanced eligible applications.