Female-helmed comedy drama seeks financial support

Posted Tuesday 29 Nov 2022

Female-helmed comedy drama seeks financial support

Get behind your fellow WIFT members' quest to make their short comedy-drama inspired by real life events.

There are just five days left in the Boosted campaign run by Elinor Teele, Emma Martini and Phillida Perry for their short film Pulling Up Stumps, starring veteran actors Ian Mune and Mark Mitchinson.

The 10-minute comic drama is set in the Central Otago area—a place of hard farming, stalwart neighbours, and dry-as-dust humour. The “saga of the stump” is inspired by true events. The two older blokes are based on local Arrowtown characters. It’s a short film full of pathos, understanding, and laughter...and one recalcitrant rooster!

The team is aiming for $15,000 NZD, with a stretch goal of $30,000 NZD. It’s an “all-or-nothing” campaign—your donation will be completely refunded if they don’t meet their goal.

Click here to give them a Boost!