WIFT members' work in the highlights

Posted Monday 12 Dec 2022

WIFT members' work in the highlights

RNZ's latest pānui listed its 2022 programme highlights from TAHIRNZ MusicRNZ.co.nz among other platforms. We noted the many WIFT NZ members included in that list and decided to highlight you too!

ASIA: Art Stories In Aotearoa (RNZ) - DIVA Productions (Arani Cuthbert)
18 Asian-New Zealand artists reflect on how life in Aotearoa informs their creative work & sense of identity in this short documentary series. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

Chatham Islanders(Whakaata Māori/RNZ) - Black Iris Productions (Kathleen Mantel)
Tchakat Tchatam Airani is a 7-part documentary series about life on Aotearoa's remotest inhabited island. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

I Got You(TAHI) - Cadness Street (Abba Rose Ioasa)
In I Got You, Mac dishes out relationship advice.. For cash… (just don’t tell anyone she’s never actually been in a relationship). Made with the support of NZ On Air.

Loading Docs 9 (Loading Docs/RNZ) - Loading Docs (Julia Parnell
The work of a number of WIFT NZ members featured in the latest series of Loading Docs, and you can see them here at this link.

Party People (RNZ) - Aotearoa Media Collective (Annabelle Lee Mather)
Rowdier than the debating chamber at question time, Party People places a Māori lens on politics, politicians and their parties. Public Interest Journalism funded through NZOA.

POV (TAHI) - Holy Cow Media (Sapna Samant)
POV (a.k.a. Point Of View) is a docu-series that tries to figure out what’s going on with young people post-2020.

What's the Disabili-Tea (Attitude Live/TAHI/RNZ) - Attitude Pictures 
Video series that showcases the lives of those who are disabled and identity as being Queer. Made with the support of NZOA.

The Elephant In The Bedroom(TAHI/RNZ) - Notable Pictures (Julia Parnell)
James Roque & Chye-Ling Huang take a raw, funny & at times confronting look at the intersection of sex, love & race. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

The Citizen's Handbook: Season 2(TAHI, RNZ) - Kevin & Co. (Bronwynn Bakker)
Become a better New Zealand citizen! A comedy Video and Podcast civics series that tackles NZ history & issues. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

ConspiraSeries(TAHI/RNZ) - Tomorrow Rain and Electric Shoelace Productions (writer, director, producer Jaimee Poipoi, Executive Producer Matasila Freshwater
ConspiraSeries is a joyful tongue-in-cheek investigation into the why, how and what of some of NZ's most outrageous conspiracies. Made with the support of NZ On Air.