WIFT NZ member projects awarded NZFC funding

Posted Monday 12 Dec 2022

WIFT NZ member projects awarded NZFC funding

It's always satisfying to report on members receiving funding for projects! We congratulate all of you who received NZFC funding in the December round, and we're looking forward to seeing your work on the big screen!
Here are the details:

Feature Film Production Investment

At the December Board Meeting, the NZFC Board approved discretionary financing to one new feature film.
Bookworm is a feature drama produced by Emma Slade, Roxi Bull and Mette-Marie Kongsved with Associate Producer Victoria Dabbs.
Logline: During a time of crisis, a washed-up American magician and his precocious estranged daughter take to the New Zealand wilderness, in search of a mythical black panther.

Additional equity was also approved for a feature film produced by Vicky Pope and Timothy White with the working title Untitled Robert Sarkies Project, on top of a conditional offer approved in April 2022.

And the re-versioning of two further Disney films – Coco and Encanto into te reo Māori, by Matewa Media – (Chelsea Winstanley) was approved.

Early Development & Documentary Development

Decisions for the last round of Early Development, Documentary Development and Whakawhanake Kiriata Funding were made in late November 2022. Out of 28 applications to the fund – the largest number received – 10 were approved funding, totaling over $219.5k.
We’ve listed the projects WIFT members are involved with below.

Feature Drama

Cookie Cutter Team: Alix Whittaker, Andrew Todd

Maria, Take a Bow Team: Alex Reed, Emma Mortimer, Alayne Dick, Martin Sagadin

Refuge Team: Craig Gainsborough-Waring, Arlo Green, Max Currie

The Mooncake and the Kūmara Team: Kerry Warkia, Mei-Lin Te Puea Hansen, Kiel McNaughton

Weathered Bones Team: Catherine Fitzgerald, Michele Powles

Taniwha Team: Libby Hakaraia, Tainui Stephens, Desray Armstrong, Ricardo Giraldo.

Advanced Development

Two feature drama applications to the Advanced Development Fund have been approved since the last newsletter update, totalling over $54k.

Big Girls Don’t Cry, Producer: Vicky Pope

Island Dancer, Producers: Karin Williams, Sharlene George, Jane Holland.