How do film budgets change as they grow?

Posted Tuesday 01 Feb 2022

How do film budgets change as they grow?

Well there's probably a sarcastic answer to that question, but we've chosen to share with you the data-informed serious answer, provided by researcher Stephen Follows and collaborator Wayne Marc Godfrey.

The pair collated a dataset of 107 budgets, ranging from micro-budget movies right up to Hollywood studio tentpoles, to give a sense of how budgets change as they increase.

Given the differences between the types and scales of movies, it’s fascinating that, broadly speaking, film budgets share a similar make-up. Follows found that Above the Line costs accounted for between 16% and 26% of the total budget, Production was 56% to 74% and Post-production 7% to 13%. Other costs showed the biggest variation, at between 1% and 8%.

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