Pan-Asian Screen Collective - Episode One finalists announced

Posted Wednesday 16 Feb 2022

Pan-Asian Screen Collective - Episode One finalists announced

Congratulations to our members who are finalists in this initiative. We've listed you (in bold type) and your projects below. Looking forward to seeing your work!

Emma Mortimer and Asuka Sylvie
A science fiction anthology drama that follows six individuals who have woken from a cryonically frozen state, as they grapple with their rehabilitation into the world and attempt to connect with those they left behind.

Hayley Becht, Natasha Daniel, Kelly Gilbride, Chye-ling Huang and Joyce Wong

Three self-absorbed, Chinese-Pākehā siblings must dig out the root cause of their family’s unhappiness before their Chinese father moves to an isolated Buddhist monastery forever.

Sara Chen, Tim Zheng Tian Chen and Pon Torthienchai
Recreational porch pirate, Mei, is an all-around terrible person but also an avid denier of her failings in character. While her personal and work lives spiral into chaos, she embarks on a journey of moral redemption revisiting past victims to return a stolen urn.

The six successful teams selected for an innovative $750,000 NZ On Air-funded programme to develop more screen content by Pan-Asian New Zealanders have been announced.

Episode One Web Series Pilot Programme is a Pan-Asian Screen Collective (PASC) initiative that will take six teams from a pitch to a produced pilot of their series.

The creator and convenor of Episode One Shuchi Kothari said, “of the 48 applications we received, so many were of such high calibre that it was a real challenge for industry experts and assessors to determine the final 6 from a shortlist of 13 teams.”

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