Support Duckworth's juicy rom-com on Boosted

Posted Tuesday 15 Feb 2022

Support Duckworth's juicy rom-com on Boosted

"This particular rom-com is pretty autobiographical so you know it’s gonna be juicy. Regretting your past behaviour is a universal experience."

Well, if that didn't hook you in dear reader, I don't know what would! This short film, Just Kidding, I Actually Love You is a bittersweet romantic comedy by writer/director Anna Duckworth. It follows Sophie, a runaway fiancée who returns home to win her ex back with a surprise romantic gesture. Confronted with evidence that he’s happier without her — and a disturbing realisation that she might be the a**hole, not him — she must decide between her selfish fantasy or his happiness.

Anna and her crew are hoping you'll give them some financial support via their Boosted campaign. Go on - we all want to know what happens!

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