Support your fellow WIFTers and see Fiona Clark: Unafraid in cinemas!

Posted Wednesday 16 Feb 2022

Support your fellow WIFTers and see Fiona Clark: Unafraid in cinemas!

Now's your chance to hear director Lula Cucchiara talk about her first feature film, the documentary, Fiona Clark: Unafraid. As an added bonus, Fiona Clark herself will be there too! 
Fiona Clark: Unafraid recounts how the photographer overcame censorship, homophobia, sexism and debilitating physical injuries to become one of our most respected social documentarians.

Go along and support director and co-producer Lula, co-producer Matt Noonan and make the most of this opportunity to see and hear one from of New Zealand's most notable photographers. 

The documentary is in cinemas next week and the limited Q+A screenings are in Wellington and Auckland. 

Q&A event at Lighthouse Cuba, Wellington
Wednesday 16 February (that's today!) at 6pm.

Q&A event at Waiheke Community Cinema Auckland
Friday 18 February at 8pm.

Q&A event at Rialto Auckland
Monday 21 February at 5:30pm.

Q+A event at Bridgeway Cinema Auckland
Date and time TBC - click here to check.

Q+A event Moneterey Cinema Auckland
Saturday 19 February.

Click here for details on screenings and to get tickets.

When Fiona Clark, a young queer photographer exhibits her photography of the LGBTQI community in 1975, she and her friends face a systemic backlash of an oppressive New Zealand society. Unafraid, Fiona gives the middle finger to the patriarchy and we discover how her documentation and contribution to the community has helped transform New Zealand society.