WIFTer on global, history-making all-women board

Posted Tuesday 01 Feb 2022

WIFTer on global, history-making all-women board

Well this is pretty special! The Visual Effects Society has announced its 2022 Board of Directors officers, and in a historic first, the five-member executive committee is made up of all women. 

The Board includes our own Emma Clifton Perry (pictured right) who has worked with VFX houses around the world including WETA Digital, Framestore, MPC, Rising Sun Pictures, DrD, Method Studios and The Mill. This is the New Zealand-based Perry's third consecutive term on the executive committee, serving as second vice chair in 2020 and first vice chair in 2021. 

The other board members are all from the Northern Hemisphere. Lisa Cooke has been re-elected chair Susan O’Neal was elected 2nd vice chair, Rita Cahill was re-elected secretary, and Laurie Blavin has been elected treasurer. The society represents 4,000 members in 40 countries.

Perry has served for five consecutive years on the board of directors and nine cumulative years on the New Zealand board of managers. She was the second ever New Zealand section chair, serving as chair for three years and one year as secretary/treasurer.

Founded in 1997, VES has an estimated 4,000 members in 40 countries.

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Image: Lisa Cooke (left) and Emma Clifton Perry.