WIFTer's family-friendly script wins grand prize

Posted Wednesday 16 Feb 2022

WIFTer's family-friendly script wins grand prize

A round of applause for Kristi Barnett who has won the inaugural Stage 32 Family-Friendly Screenwriting Contest! Judged by Hollywood industry producers and development executives Kristi's screenplay Elephant Kiss is the overall grand winner of the contest. The prize includes mentoring and meetings with the judges to talk about her career and screenplay.

Elephant Kiss is about four kids who want to give their dog one last adventure, and go on a journey to find a magical elephant who can cure animals with a kiss from her trunk. Kristi tells us that Stage32 reported that the judges were "very excited" about the project.

Stage 32 is a global social networking and education platform for the entertainment industry, with more than 750,000 members.

Way to go Kristi!

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