Henderson to star in 'polarising' play - we can't wait!

Posted Thursday 21 Jul 2022

Henderson to star in 'polarising' play - we can't wait!

Here's something worth braving the cold for! After a five year hiatus, the multitalented Sophie Henderson returns to the stage to tackle the titular role of The Writer. Recently known for her work in film screenwriting (Baby, Done and Fantail), Ella Hickson's script is one Henderson says she wishes she’d written.
“I cannot wait to stand on stage and say these words. I would love nothing more than to have the arguments in this play with certain directors and producers in real life. At times, The Writer feels so close to home that there’s not going to be any acting.” 

Following its incendiary London premiere in 2018, this play has polarised audiences around the world. Now it’s time for Tāmaki Makaurau to weigh in this September.

“Does it scare you that the future might speak a language that you can’t understand?”
- The Writer

A young writer encounters an older director on an empty stage. She’s furious about his latest play: it’s lazy, sexist, profane. He likes her rage. He flirts with her, condescends her, even offers her a job. But she wants more than he could ever offer. Forget his small stage and his even smaller imagination. She wants awe. She wants blood. She wants to change the shape of the world...

Directed by Sophie Roberts.

1 - 18 September
Rangatira, Q Theatre
305 Queen Street
Auckland 1010

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