Take the Gender Pay Gap Survey before it closes!

Posted Wednesday 27 Jul 2022

Take the Gender Pay Gap Survey before it closes!

The gender pay gap surveys all close on Sunday 14 August so if you haven’t completed your relevant survey, the time to do so is NOW!

Whatever your job, there is a survey for you, and by filling it out you will be helping untold screen industry women who earn significantly less than men. We are therefore asking you all (women, men and the gender diverse) to take the time to contribute to this significant piece of data collection. 

Click here for the Above The Line survey – for those working Above the Line – ie writers, directors, producers, actors. 

Click here for the Post-Production survey – this includes gaming, VFX, AR/VR etc.

Click here for the Production survey - this is for those who work Below The Line.

To make it easier to find your job title, open this link in a new tab to see where your job title is listed. 

Note that you may come and go from the survey, completing it at your own pace. The relevant collated, non-identifiable, results will be shared with the industry, particularly the Guilds. 

  • The information is collected anonymously and it will be impossible to identify individuals in the collated responses.
  • The information will be analysed by the Executive Director of WIFTNZ and her data analyst only and single / identifiable responses will be kept confidential.
  • Once collated the intention is to use the information gathered in rate card negotiations and the consultations that will occur around the Screen Industry Workers Bill.
  • All industry guilds are being asked to encourage their membership to complete this survey.
  • You are encouraged to circulate it, and talk to people about it.