WIFTer wins twice at London International Short Film Festival

Posted Tuesday 12 Jul 2022

WIFTer wins twice at London International Short Film Festival

A big woop woop! for Lindsay Christopherson whose short film A Girl Called Elvis won Best Short and the Audience Award at this year's LISFF! The film is about two sisters growing closer through a family quest.

Lindsay wrote, directed and co-produced the film which was shot last year after a successful Boosted campaign, and finished in May this year. Lindsay explains a little about her film below.

"The idea for the script grew from my fascination with Elvis tribute artists, and I combined that visual motif with a theme that seems to be a frequent influence in my work - sibling rivalry. Coming of age films are also my favourite genre."

Other women in the crew were Katrina Burney who took on the art department, lighting assist and production assist, Liz Denekamp as editor, Caitlin Morris as composer, while Lindsay's fellow WIFT member Violet Rowe, normally a writer, was persuaded to take on the costume department. 

Here's the synopsis:

Ten-year old Ellie likes to dress as her idol Elvis Presley, much to the annoyance of her half-sister Carol. When Ellie hears that her estranged father is back in town, she convinces Carol and her boyfriend Dion to help her reconnect with him, and together they set off to find him.

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