Aotearoa Pop Up Film Intensive with Jane Campion

Posted Tuesday 28 Jun 2022

Aotearoa Pop Up Film Intensive with Jane Campion

Now this is exciting! Jane Campion, Academy Award®-winning Best Director for her latest film The Power of the Dog, has announced a popup intensive course for New Zealand’s emerging film directing talent.

The independent Wellington-based programme, called A Wave in the Ocean, is aimed at participants with significant film or allied creative experience, and runs over 12 months from November 2022.  

To participate, applicants not resident in Wellington would need to travel from their homes for a 10-day laboratory in November 2022 and participate in a series of laboratories and associated work and stay in Wellington for a cumulative minimum of 5 months in total through 2023. This comprises the first year of the programme.  
There is no tuition charge for those who are selected to participate. For each accepted student, for Year 1 (only) there is a living stipend of $32,000 and additional financial assistance for accommodation, accessibility and travel of up to $25,000. 

In Year 2 the focus is exclusively on each director’s production of a fully funded short film, the budget is currently expected to be up to NZ$100,000 per film.  

Jane Campion will be the Artistic Director and participate across the whole first year. Philippa Campbell, who has a long history of work with emerging filmmakers, is the Co-Director. Several significant international guests and New Zealand leading professionals will join the course to inspire and share knowledge across various aspects of the programme.   

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