Apply now for the NZFC Gender scholarship

Posted Tuesday 17 May 2022

Here's a fabulous opportunity from the New Zealand Film Commission! The annual NZFC Gender Scholarship recognises and celebrates women in the screen industry and is aimed at supporting their career progression. This year’s Gender Scholarship has a focus on wāhine Māori looking to produce drama, and producers Ainsley Gardiner and Desray Armstrong are the patrons.
Kaupapa: Tuakana Teina - “Those who are willing to learn. Those who are willing to teach.” 

Since 2015, the NZFC has awarded an annual scholarship to female filmmakers in areas of the industry where female participation has historically been low. Past scholarships have been awarded to female cinematographers, directors, wahine Māori directors, Pacific Island screen writers and women working in comedy. 

The Gender Scholarship is a $15,000 grant. The NZFC will award two grants in total and recipients will be matched with mentors to support their development through the duration of the scholarship.

Applications for this award are to be submitted by nomination, there are two ways to nominate:

  • Where a nominee fills in the application themselves (self-nomination)
  • Nomination by others: where a person who has consent from the nominee fills out the application on behalf of the nominee.  

If you are nominating someone, you need to have their consent and be able to provide a biography and description of what you believe makes that person successful, and why they should receive the scholarship.

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