Catch WIFT members' work at Māoriland!

Posted Tuesday 14 Jun 2022

Catch WIFT members' work at Māoriland!

Here are five fantastic reasons to get yourself to Ōtaki for the Māoriland Film Festival! Support your fellow WIFT members and book in to see some or all of their work.

Check out the feature film Millie Lies Low, produced by Desray Armstrong and Angela Littlejohn and the feature documentary Whetū Marama: Bright Star by Aileen O’Sullivan and Toby Mills, which is the closing night film.

Matasila Freshwater's film Hiama (pictured) will screen as part of The Spiritual Constant programme. 

Chantelle Burgoyne's Sista is playing in the Aotearoa Shorts strand, while The Lion King Reo Māori, produced by Chelsea Winstanley, opens the Festival at 6pm on 29 June.

Māoriland is the largest Indigenous film festival in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Māoriland Film Festival in Ōtaki, June 29 – July 3.