Free Future Filmmaker Workshops for the regions

Posted Sunday 29 May 2022

Free Future Filmmaker Workshops for the regions

Here’s some nice news! The Vista Foundation 48Hours is bringing FREE workshops to the regions, designed to upskill filmmakers. 

Filmmakers, creatives and teachers will have the chance to sharpen their short filmmaking skills in preparation for the 2022 Vista Foundation 48 Hours (shoot weekend August 12-14).

This creative workshop will be in three parts: The first part is all about producing a film project and will be run by VF48Hours managers and WIFT members Ness Patea and Ruth Korver. In the second part of the workshop, experienced writer Duncan Sarkies will offer some tools for generating story ideas and leading a creative writing workshop. In the third section, Dale Corlett from the New Zealand Film Commission will host a Q+A with a local director. And a networking event will cap off the day!

The aim is to bring the Vista Foundation 48Hours to the regions and to provide a professional development opportunity and an experience that will inspire filmmakers in the regions.

The Vista Foundation 48Hours is the longest-running and largest short film event in New Zealand. Filmmakers have just 48 hours to write, shoot, and cut a film. Adding to the mayhem, they must also include some random elements in their film, within a given genre. It's a rite of passage and a serious challenge for both first-time filmmakers to experienced directors.

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