Public Interest Journalism Fund Round 5 is open

Posted Tuesday 28 Jun 2022

Public Interest Journalism Fund Round 5 is open

Apply now for funding for your PIJF projects. Criteria remain unchanged from Round 4 and will cover all three pillars of the fund; Roles, Projects and Industry Development. 

The PIJF recognises the merit of building on and extending roles or projects that have demonstrated success already. Completed projects or roles funded in previous PIJF rounds are eligible to apply for further funding but will need to demonstrate the following: 
·       How well the role or project delivered on intended outcomes 
·       Why the role or project deserves further funding 
·       Why the applicant is unable to financially sustain the role or project  
·       How further funding will increase the role or project’s future sustainability  

Before you begin your application, read the Round 5 Criteria, updated General Guidelines and updated Q + A.

If you  have any questions email

Round 5 applications need to be in by 4pm, Thursday July 21