A special film-watching challenge for the year

Posted Tuesday 15 Mar 2022

A special film-watching challenge for the year

Here's an interesting challenge for film fans. WIF is encouraging us all to take on the #52FilmsByWomen challenge. Introduced a few years ago, the basic rules are simple: watch 52 films directed by women within the course of one year. Share about the films you're watching on social media, using the hashtag #52FilmsByWomen to spread the word, and get more people talking about the women filmmakers that don't always get attention.

Click here for a sample schedule of films provided by WIF (it includes Niki Caro's Whale Rider and Merata Mita's Patu!). You could follow it to watch #52FilmsByWomen before International Women's Day 2023. This list includes new releases, notable anniversaries, and recent films you may have missed.

Happy viewing!

Image: Keisha Castle-Hughes in Whale Rider