Gemma Gracewood on The Power of the Still

Posted Monday 28 Mar 2022

Gemma Gracewood on The Power of the Still

Take five minutes to read this great article by WIFT member Gemma Gracewood on the importance of Unit Stills photographers, and why they are still relevant.

Featuring Jane Campion and her photographer, WIFT member Kirsty Griffin, David Lowery, Eric Zachanowich, Joachim Trier and Christian Belgaux - and some absolutely beautiful on-set stills from films The Power of the Dog, Spencer, Drive My Car, The Worst Person In The World, The Green Knight, The Harder They Fall, Apocalypse Now...

Marketers, you'll never say 'Use a screen grab' again!

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Image: Kirsty Griffin, with permission.

Jane Campion and Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of The Power of the Dog..