NZWG will answer your Seed FAQs, PDQ!

Posted Tuesday 01 Mar 2022

NZWG will answer your Seed FAQs, PDQ!

Writers, the NZ Writers Guild has put together this helpful list of answers to all your FAQs about Seed grants. 

Click here to read them

Grants available for Round 1 for 2022:

Seed: 6 Grants of $10,000 - includes $2,500 for script consultation.
Seed Advanced: 2 Grants of $12,500 - includes $2,500 for script development.

The deadline is high noon, 25 March.

The NZWG Seed grants allow writers to be innovative, brilliant, and to create something they own. The writer is the rights holder, and not working with a producer in early development.

The Seed Advanced pathway is aimed at reducing competition in the Seed pathway, by separating emerging writers from more experienced writers. The Seed Advanced grants also acknowledge experienced writers by offering a higher grant level and flexibility around development costs.

All grant applications are assessed through a blind-read process and marked on the following criteria:

  1. Idea – is it compelling/engaging? Does it have an audience?
  2. Craft – is the writer able to execute the screenplay on a high enough level to deliver on the promise of the idea?
  3. Voice – is the writer’s voice original and clear?

All applications require the following material: