The top films of 2021 for gender parity

Posted Tuesday 15 Mar 2022

The top films of 2021 for gender parity

A recent report shows that 28% of the 100 most popular films of 2021 meet the ReFrame Stamp criteria for gender-balanced productions. That's lower than it was for the top films of 2020, but encouragingly, it marks a 133% increase from the first annual ReFrame Stamp report in 2017.

To refresh your memories, the ReFrame Stamp is a measure of who is being hired in key roles across a production. ReFrame Director Andria Wilson Mirza, said in the report that in the past five years, increased research, investment and industry initiatives have contributed to sustained growth opportunities for women in a few key roles, but omen cinematographers, composers, and those in the VFX field remained seriously underrepresented.

"Consider reframing the findings this way: of the 100 most popular films last year, 94 had male cinematographers, 97 had male composers, and 91 had male VFX supervisors”. 

More key findings of the report include:

31 films written by women, 47.6% increase over 21 in 2020

9 films written by women of color, 125% increase over 4 films in 2020

14 films directed by women, 17.6% decrease from 17 in 2020

4 films directed by women of color, 33.3% decrease from 6 in 2020

6 films with women cinematographers, 14.3% decrease from 7 films in 2020

3 films with women composers, 50% decrease from 6 women in 2020

9 films with women VFX supervisors, 10% decrease from 10 women in 2020

3 of the 10 2022 Academy Award nominees for Best Picture earned the stamp, 5% increase over 2 of 8 nominees in 2021.

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