Vertical series delivers straight-up laughs

Posted Monday 28 Feb 2022

Vertical series delivers straight-up laughs

If you like your comedy bite-sized, I Got You will go down a treat. Produced by Abba-Rose Vaiaoga-Ioasa, and the team at Cadness Street, I Got You is a 'vertical' show – designed to be watched on your phone in portrait mode, just like TikTok, Instagram Stories and Reels. Each episode is made up of four parts, and each part is up to one minute long.

Directed by Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa (Abba-Rose's brother), the series follows Mac, played by comic rising star Bubbah (aka Sieni Leo'o Olo) a 24 year old Pasifika woman with a side hustle of dishing out relationship advice - despite never being in a relationship herself. 

Writing and performing for a social media audience is quite different than for a network TV show, Stallone told The Spinoff in this article. “They’re short episodes, engaging storylines, fast-paced and entertaining to ensure they capture the viewer’s attention before they swipe away.”

In the same article, Abba-Rose said the episodes were designed to be watched on phones simply because that’s where young people spend most of their time. The vertical series was not filmed on a phone though. “We still wanted to bring high production value to the episodes and be different from everything else that’s online”, she said.

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Episodes are up now on Instagram and on RNZ’s new youth-focused platform Tahi.

Check out the @igotyouseries pages.