WIN It Snows In Benidorm

Posted Monday 28 Feb 2022

WIN It Snows In Benidorm

Writer and director Isabel Coixet (The Bookshop) delivers a story of reinvention and romance with a dash of danger. 

Peter (Timothy Spall) is a man of routines and few joys. After being forced to retire he decides to go to Benidorm in Spain, to visit his brother Daniel, with whom he has little contact. But when he arrives in Benidorm, Daniel seems to have vanished. Peter discovers that his brother owns the Benidorm Club, where a group of dancers make exotic and burlesque performances. Among them is Alex (Sarita Choudhury), a beautiful woman with an enigmatic past, who will steal Peter's heart. In the search for Daniel, Peter confronts dangers involving real estate mafias and unpaid debts, and his own life choices. 

In NZ cinemas 17 March, 2022

We have five double passes to give away to It Snows In Benidorm.

Click here to watch the trailer and answer the question below:

Where is Peter sitting when he says, "Do you think it's too late for singing lessons?" 

A) On the beach

B) In a bar

C) In a swimming pool

Email your answer and your postal address to by 5pm Monday 7 March 2022.

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