Catch WIFT members work in Loading Docs series 9

Posted Wednesday 19 Oct 2022

Catch WIFT members work in Loading Docs series 9

Support your fellow WIFT members and catch their wonderful short documentaries as part of the ninth Loading Docs collection. This collection brings audiences stories of pain, passion, perseverance and the pursuit of something meaningful. Beneath The Surface, Shred and Fast Eddie are available to watch now.

Well done to the WIFT members who worked on these documentaries, we've listed you in bold below, with information about your projects.

Click each documentary title to watch it.


New Zealand’s first Tongan swimming champion battles self-doubt and setbacks as she fights for a medal at the Commonwealth Games. 

Dir: Gill Higgins | Prod: Vea Mafile’o, Sarah Stewart


A teenage bodybuilder must take extreme measures to sculpt the perfect body as he pursues his ultimate goal of winning his first bodybuilding competition.

Dir: Harry Wynn | Prod: Lesley Hansen


Seeking joy after his life-threatening diagnosis, a determined father attempts one last adventure with his daughter: an ambitious bike ride that will push them to physical and emotional limits. 

Dir: Keely Meechan | Prod: Keely Meechan, Virginia Wickham

Image: A still from Fast Eddie