Give South City Breakers a financial Boost

Posted Tuesday 01 Nov 2022

Give South City Breakers a financial Boost

A love of hip-hop and its ability to bring people and communities together drove Juanita Nili and her team to start making their short film South City Breakers

Mix that love together with gifted dancers, witty banter, the ever-popular 'getting-the-team-back-together’ narrative, and you have a fun, motivating and inspiring short  about five dysfunctional high school friends attempting to reconcile their broken past.

Juanita and her team are now in the midst of a fundraising campaign on Boosted, with 15 days to go, and need financial support to keep their baby rolling!

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Here's a bit more about the film.

Back in 2012, high school friends Veeta, Lincoln, Paulo, Sorb and Dare started up dance group "South City Breakers". They cleaned up at every local hip hop dance competition and glided their way to the Hip Hop Nationals. Then choreographer Veeta jumped ship to another dance crew and the group had to forfeit their chance to compete at the annual competition. 

Fast forward to 2022 and Veeta, now a renowned international dancer, returns home to attend the funeral of Mr Faiva, the Breakers' mentor and teacher. Before Veeta returns to Los Angeles, he receives a letter written from his beloved mentor with his last wish, "get them bloody boys back together and get to the Nationals". 

As Veeta looks at his old crew, he is bewildered at the enormous feat ahead of him. Not only have the boys packed on weight, but they're not even close to being dance-fit let alone competition-ready. They are also quarrelsome, discontented with life and more evidently, they hate Veeta's guts...from the small intestine to the large, and even down to the colon. 

Can Veeta reconcile with the boys and mend the hurts from the past? And even if they do all get back together, do "South City Breakers" have what it takes to get into the National Championship?