Keep your eyes open for Shut Eye at the cinema from tomorrow!

Posted Tuesday 01 Nov 2022

Keep your eyes open for Shut Eye at the cinema from tomorrow!

A shout out to DOP Kelly Chen and Producer Eva Trebilco for their work in the self-funded feature Shut Eye, due for release in New Zealand tomorrow, and later in North America. The 90-minute drama had a premiere screening as part of the Auckland-leg of the New Zealand International Festival in July, and will have limited screenings in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin.

Go along and hear Kelly and director Tom Levesque at the Film Talks Q+A following the opening night screenings in Auckland tomorrow evening at 5:45, Rialto Newmarket and Tom and lead actor Sarah May at the Roxy in Wellington on Friday 4 November. 

Click here for Film Talk, Rialto Newmarket, 3 November

Click here for Film Talk, Roxy, Wellington 4 November

Filmed over 16 days, Shut Eye implores us to find true connections in an increasingly disconnected world. Sierra (Millie Van Kol) is on a journey to find a remedy for her insomnia. Encouraged by her doctor to explore ASMR*, Sierra discovers a local streamer Kate (Sarah May) who soon becomes her go-to when seeking a way to fall asleep. As their online connection grows, Sierra is welcomed deeper into Kate’s world, fuelling an obsession that turns self-destructive. 

*ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) 

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