Screening on Saturday: Signed, Theo Schoon

Posted Tuesday 15 Nov 2022

Screening on Saturday: Signed, Theo Schoon

Aucklanders, support your fellow WIFT members and catch some culture while you're at it! This special screening of the documentary on the mercurial artist Theo Schoon is on at Art+Object at 5:30pm on Saturday. 

Jan Bieringa is the creative producer on this doco directed by her late husband Luit Bieringa (Ans Westra: Private Journeys/Public Signposts NZIFF 2006, The Man in the Hat NZIFF 2009 and The heART of the Matter NZIFF 2016).

Edited by Lala Rolls, the doco pieces together the tale of Schoon from historic archive footage, photos and audio recordings, underpinned by Luit Bieringa's own encounters and correspondence with Schoon, as well as conversations with contemporaries. 

When: 5:30pm Saturday 19 November.
Where: Art + Object, 3 Abbey St, Newton, Auckland.
RSVP to Seats are limited.

An intensely artistic soul is raised in the East, trained in the West, and replanted in the South. His artistic spirit guided him to cultural camaraderie, a strong liaison with the Māori community and the landscape - the legacy is re-considered.

In the context of New Zealand culture in the second half of the 20th century The Dutch émigré Theo Schoon (1915 – 1985) rocked our world. For all the ‘noise’ that has surrounded Schoon the personality – as in mad,  bad and dangerous to know, the artist that emerges from this film is one who gave infinitely more than he took.