Use this resource to take action!

Posted Tuesday 15 Nov 2022

Use this resource to take action!

Check out the ReFrame ReSource, an initiative from our sisters at WIF (Los Angeles).  

ReFrame is a collaborative project founded and led by WIF and Sundance Institute, and the recently published ReFrame ReSource is a centralised hub of advocacy resources, best practices, and research.

On the website, the production life cycle is broken into five key areas: Development, Finances, Hiring, Production and Audience, each with a variety of topics that cover areas for action and equity.

Say you're crewing up for a feature and starting to look for heads of department. You can click on the Hiring topic and check out all the hiring databases and resources the resource has to recommend - above and below the line.

Maybe you're going into production and need to create a workplace conduct policy. With this need in mind you can check out the Production topic, then the Creating Safer Sets sub-topic for resources like the Hollywood Commission sample workplace conduct policy. 

It will be skewed for the US, but is still a valuable resource.