Welcome to the new WIFT NZ Board members

Posted Wednesday 19 Oct 2022

Welcome to the new WIFT NZ Board members

We're delighted to welcome to the WIFT NZ Board three new members: Miranda Rivers, Sophie Cherry and Rouzie Hassanova, and we acknowledge with thanks the contributions of outgoing Board members Nicola Olsen and Kat Lintott.

At the WIFT AGM on 6 October the 2022/23 Board members were confirmed as:

President – Vicki Jackways.

South Island regional member – Vanessa Wells.

Wellington regional members – Sophie Cherry.
Miranda Rivers
and Rouzie Hassanova had a tied number of votes so will be sharing the position.

Auckland regional members – Jill Macnab, Kelly Martin.

General representative – Anchali Anandanayagam.

The members approved a change to the Constitution which increases the board size by two people. The two new appointees will be announced by the Board in due course.