Diverse Voices: Making Screen Work Different

Posted Monday 19 Sep 2022

Diverse Voices: Making Screen Work Different

Check out these six Wellingtonian innovators who are disrupting the status quo with their approaches to screen work and learn how their different backgrounds influence the stories they want to tell, as well as their screen practices. 

WIFT NZ members Kathleen Winter and Casey Zilbert are among those interviewed by Wellington Unesco City of Film, as are Oriwa Hakaraia, Jade Jackson, Adi B. Parige and Laura Yilmaz. These innovators then gathered for a hui/roundtable discussion about the big question: How Can We Make Screen Work Different? The result, produced by Pachali Brewster, is open and honest discussion of topics such as: being "different" and the challenges of indie and industry screen work; why it's time to take risks on content, format and new technologies; different kaupapa/approaches for storytelling and producing screen work. 

Click here to watch the hui (13 mins)

And be sure to watch the hui outtakes, powerful conversations that didn't make the official cut!

Click here to watch outtakes

Image: Casey Zilbert