Gender Diversity DP intern placements available in Auckland

Posted Tuesday 06 Sep 2022

Gender Diversity DP intern placements available in Auckland

Calling all camera people! 

The NZCS has negotiated two mid-career cinematographer placements on an international TV series based in Auckland, under the Cushla Lewis Gender Diversity Programme, part-sponsored by the NZ Film Commission Screen Capability Fund and the local production company.

The Attachments provide the opportunity to shadow the Director of Photography on set and experience advanced aspects of the craft including pre-production meetings and recces.

These will be paid Attachments for a maximum duration of 15 days each.

  • The first three-week placement will commence in Auckland with a prep week on 19 September 2022 and two shoot weeks, which will finish 7 October
  • The second three-week placement will commence on 7 November 2022 with a prep week and two shoot weeks until 25 November, 2022.

The placements are intended for Auckland locals or candidates who can relocate themselves and self-accommodate. The selected candidates will be issued a standard contract by the Production Company and will join the payroll, per other contractors.

The aim of the Attachment:

Following the rigours of a tough 12 month production period owing to Covid 19 restrictions, the program aims to provide an opportunity for a female mid-career cinematographer to increase their confidence and upskill in their ability to produce high quality television drama cinematography. This program aims to provide another training pathway to the limited opportunities currently available. This is not a creative input role, but will be a mentored position, closely shadowing the DP and key technicians at work, observing pre-production and the creative decision making process on set.

Note:  Under the Cushla Lewis Gender Diversity Program, this particular opportunity is limited to applicants who are female or identify as female, as the NZCS remains committed to a mandate to grow and diversify the pool of emerging cinematographers in New Zealand. We especially encourage those women from minority ethnic backgrounds to apply as well.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Have industry experience in this chosen field and be prepared to join the NZCS as an associate member if chosen for the placement
  • Have a track record of working as an up-and-coming cinematographer on short films, music videos, web series, or other genres. The applicant may not necessarily have an exclusive career as a Director of Photography.
  • Have proof of  Covid-19 vaccination status by providing a copy of your (blue) current “My Vaccine Pass” available from the Ministry of Health.

To apply:

Please submit the following in electronic form only (Word files or PDF) by 5.00pm,  Sunday, 11  September, 2022 to with “Gender Diversity - Cinematographer Attachment, Auckland” in the subject line:

  • A full CV, including your normal place of residence and ethnicity, and a Filmography including links to a showreel or selection of completed works.
  • A short written reference (from a senior screen industry practitioner or tutor)
  • A proposal (maximum of 1-page) outlining why you want to do the Attachment and what you look to achieve from the opportunity.
  • A current “My Vaccine Pass” as above
  • Please state if you would be available for either placement block, or if you have a preference for the 1st or 2nd dates as above.

A shortlist will be developed from applicants and an interview (in person or virtual) may be required, at which time further details of the production itself will be provided.

The NZCS will do its best to inform applicants of a decision by end of day, Tuesday 13 September, 2022.