Harcourt a supremely world-class connector

Posted Tuesday 06 Sep 2022

Harcourt a supremely world-class connector

Congratulations to Miranda Harcourt, recipient of the 2022 Kea Supreme World Class New Zealand Award! 

These awards recognise those who have demonstrated the unique power of Kiwi connection and used it to benefit Aotearoa. 

In an article on Kea's website, Miranda talks about her career journey, and how she's used her Kiwi networks all over the world work to support the next generation of Aotearoa's talent. 

Miranda is an acclaimed actor, director, writer and leading acting coach whose clients have won or been nominated for Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Baftas and Emmys. From her thirty year career she has a strong network of fellow Kiwis around the world, and says she frequently uses this network to help the next generation of NZ stars get a leg-up. 

“I look at the next generation of talent coming out of New Zealand and I think ...how can I connect that person with that person? How can I create that sense of connectivity between achievement and potential? It’s about having the imagination and the courage to reach out and ask the successful people if they’re prepared to reach out a hand to new people with potential and because of who we are, the answer is always yes.”

Kea is a global networking organisation aimed at establishing international links with the large number of Kiwis working offshore.

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