RNZ Commissioning for General Audiences

Posted Monday 05 Sep 2022

RNZ Commissioning for General Audiences

RNZ says it has had plenty of interest regarding the current and upcoming General Audience funding rounds for Te Māngai Pāho and NZOA.

Here's RNZ's update on those rounds:

Te Māngai Pāho - General Audiences 2 [Open]
RNZ Commissioning will only be looking at supporting returning series as a Primary Platform for this round.  However, we are open to discussions about (Secondary) Platform support for projects that are successful in progressing to Stage 2 with TMP.

Please email your short pitch to commissioning@rnz.co.nz if you are interested in RNZ as a Secondary Platform, but only if you are successful in progressing to Stage 2 (applicants notified by TMP from 6 September).

NZOA - General Audiences 2 [Round Opens 1st September]
RNZ Commissioning will not be looking for additional programmes to support as a Primary Platform into this round as we currently have a full slate we're already working with.  However, we are open to discussions about Secondary Platform support.

If you would like your project considered for Secondary Platform support please send us your pitch and what Platform(s) are considering Primary support by 4pm, Monday 12 September to commissioning@rnz.co.nz 

Please note:
Secondary Platform support will be prioritised for projects (particularly for rangatahi) that have applied extended thought (including developed ideas and budgeting) for a unique form of digital output for RNZ.

RNZ Commissioning web page
By the way, you should check out the RNZ Commissioning web page www.rnz.co.nz/commissioning 
It's currently in its infancy, but it is where RNZ is directing people to sign up to its pānui and where it hosts active RFPs, Commissioning contact details, Producer tools and a directory of the growing commissioned content library.